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Timber Decking Services

Painting or Staining ?

Painting a Deck vs. Staining, we can inspect your area to be done and give our professional opinion on the outcome.

Exterior paint and wood stain can be used to protect a new wooden deck, or an existing deck, from weather related damage and moisture. Deck paint and deck stain finishes vary in terms of applications, appearance, cost, durability and maintenance.

Submit an online enquiry or to find out if whether painting a deck vs. staining is appropriate for your situation.

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Polishing of wooden decking following sanding brings out the best in the wood, making it look fresh and regenerated. Many options are available to you for polishing. A finishing product provides protection and gives a beautiful appearance. Coatings, such as oil, wood stain, and wood wax oil will also coat the decking and penetrate the wood for a high degree of protection. Having an expert will guarantee that the best choice of product is applied to the timber, and superior products are used.